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The Thermal Podcast

Jan 1, 2021

In this Episode of The Thermal, a 1300 km convergence line flight in Australia. Pete Temple tells us what it was like and how cold it can be at 10-thousand feet.


Liz Sparrow is one of the people behind WGUK – Women Glide United Kingdom. She tell us about the challenge of getting more women into gliding and the upcoming Women’s Worlds Gliding Championships.


Julia Clitheroe – took to gliding like a duck to water or is that a hawk to a thermal? This 16-year old tells us what it’s like to become a licensed glider pilot during a COVID summer.


And we will also have  Part 2 of my interview with retired Canadian contest pilot and record holder Roy Gray. He tells us about an epic flight from Regina into the muskeg of Manitoba during the 1962 Canadian Nationals. 


And a short trigger warning…listening to this podcast will make you want to fly. Words like glider and thermal are heard often. You have been forewarned. 


That’s all on Episode #19 of The Thermal.