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The Thermal Podcast

Mar 1, 2020


In this Episode  -  an incredible 1730 KM record breaking flight in New Zealand. Pilot Terry Delore puts us in the cockpit for the flight of a lifetime.

Denmark is a small nation with a small but intense group of glider pilots. Morten Bennick tells us how he exploits every possible island-hopping cross-country opportunity.

On Gliding Club Confidential, we go to Scotland. Pilot with a Paintbrush paints a loving portrait of her club…the Deeside Gliding Club.

Are you prepared if your flight ends in an unexpected way? Do you carry a Personal Location Device? Pilot, Tech reviewer and Podcaster Phil Lightstone talks us through the latest gadgets.

And some glider pilots prefer high tows and rapid descents over strong thermals and long cross-country flights. We talk to Aerobatic Competitor Laura Radigan about the topsy-turvey world of Glider Aerobatics.

That’s all on Episode #10 of The Thermal.

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