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The Thermal Podcast

Jul 4, 2019

Welcome to Episode #2 of The Thermal. I’m your host Herrie ten Cate.


On this show, we speak to competition pilot John Seaborn who has just won the US 18-meter Nationals in Hobbs, New Mexico. We’ll hear about a low save at 1200 feet that turned into a 13-thousand-foot climb.


We will also be talking parachutes and survival with Mr Parachute…Allen Silver of Silver Parachutes. Is your parachute past it’s best before date and do you carry survival equipment. If you don’t you probably will after listening to Allen.


Finally, an interview with a glider pilot who knows all about adversity. Wayne MacDonald survived a workplace injury that put him in a wheelchair but that also resulted in Wayne becoming a licensed glider pilot.


Hear his story later and a whole lot more on Edition #2 of The Thermal.