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The Thermal Podcast

Jul 31, 2019

Episode #3 of The Thermal podcast is now out


In this Episode of The Thermal, the Jonker JS3 Rapture is cleaning up at competitions around the world. We talk to Uys Jonker one of the brother’s responsible for this cutting-edge sailplane.


Also, a feature interview on the life and times of British gliding icon Derek Piggott and his vast contribution to the sport of gliding. Derek died earlier this year. 


And the little glider that could…the Schweizer 1-26 has been described as the VW Beetle of gliders. We chat with Marita Rea…a 1-26 owner and life-member of the illustrious 1-26 Association.


Hear her story later and a whole lot more on Edition #3 of The Thermal.