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The Thermal Podcast

Aug 27, 2019

Episode #4 of The Thermal has released from tow. I’m your host Herrie ten Cate.


In this show, I speak with two club class pilots who both placed first but on different continents. British pilot Jake Brattle flew in the World Junior Championships in Hungary and Argentinian pilot Carlos Iucci

flew in the Pan Am Gliding Championships in Canada. Both of these pilots were flying older gliders but were having just as much competitive fun as the pilots flying the latest greatest glass ships.


We’re also going to go back 75 years to talk about one of the largest and most controversial combat glider operation of WW2. Over 400 combat gliders were used during the infamous Operation Market Garden which took place in September of 1944. The objective was to capture strategic bridges over the Rhine in Eastern Holland. We talk to historian Mike Peters, who has just written a new book called Glider Pilots at Arnhem.


That’s all on edition #4 of The Thermal.