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The Thermal Podcast

Oct 31, 2019

Welcome to Episode #6 of The Thermal. I’m your host Herrie ten Cate.

 In this Episode of The Thermal, smashing records in the UK. We speak with top British pilot Ed Downham about his spectacular flights while flying his unique 28-meter open glass glider from coast to coast and then some.

 Simon van den Eijkel aka Flying Simon – is a member of the Dutch Junior team and he’ll be talking about his soaring reading list. There’s something for everyone…from highly technical to easy reading.

 Also, we get an update on the Perlan Project’s latest season of exploring the Antarctic Wave system in southern Argentina. Chief Pilot Jim Payne tells us about a strange weather phenomenon called Sudden Atmospheric Warming.

 And on Gliding Club Confidential, the Gliding Club of Houston, Texas. Long-time member Ken Sorensen tells us what makes this club so special.


That and a whole lot more on Episode   #6 of The Thermal.