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The Thermal Podcast

Jun 30, 2020

Episode #14 of The Thermal is now available at your favourite podcast provider.


In this episode , we get an update on how one Canadian gliding club is dealing with the COVID pandemic and flying operations. (1 minute and 50 seconds into the show)


In California, Jim Payne has been breaking records in Nixus – a one of a kind 28-meter, two-seat super-ship with a fly-by wire control system. We talk to Jim and the glider’s designer Paulo Iscold. (12 minute and 43 seconds into the show)


On Gliding Club Confidential we go to Denmark and find out how Danes like to soar over their very flat nation. (32 minutes into the show)


From Russia with Love - We hear from an American glider pilot who’s had a life-long love affair with a Russian 18-meter glider. A glider he has finally been able to get his hands on. (40 minutes into the show)

That and a whole lot more on Episode #14 of The Thermal.