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The Thermal Podcast

Apr 1, 2020

 Episode #11 of The Thermal is now available.  

In this Episode of The Thermal, we hear from Contest Manager Richard Owen on how his team of volunteers    managed to keep this year’s Senior’s Contest in Florida going amid the pandemic.

We also have an interview about competitive on-line gliding. Because let’s face it, we can’t do the real thing. We talk to Daniel Sazhin about chasing thermals on the computer screen.

Mark Maughmer is a long time glider pilot and engineer. And is largely responsible for glider winglet design. He’s just won a major award for his work.

On Gliding Club Confidential, Katrine Senne tell us about her gliding club in the Black Forest.

And hear from the man behind the Sun Seeker -  a unique solar powered motor glider.

March 2020, marks the 75th anniversary of the last combat glider operation of World War Two. We talk to the author of a new book about an American combat glider group.

That and a whole lot more on Episode #11 of The Thermal.